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Sometimes the best info and ideas come from outside our own website. It's also great to know we're not alone.

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This YouTube video by the Kim B shows how set a Tru Catch live trap triggering mechanism to trap a feral cat for TNR.

This YouTube video by the Kitten Lady explains how to use a live trap to trap a feral cat for TNR.

This helpful video from Laurel Cats demonstrates the use of a Tomahawk Drop Trap

Drop traps SAVE TIME! Most cats don’t recognize that it’s a trap, and will walk right in.

In the link above, Hannah Shaw, the Kitten Lady, explains what to do when you find kittens in this YouTube Video.  


This link to her website provides information on all aspects of kitten care. has this amazing book for caregivers that covers everything we can think of related to caring for a feral colony.  

"Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook: Guide for the Feral Cat Caretaker" Available for free download.  Also available in a higher resolution print version.

There are easy things that your neighbors can do, or that you can help them with, in order to live in harmony with the cats who have made their home in the neighborhood.

Best Friends Animal Society

So much on this wonderful website of this wonderful organization regarding Community (Feral / Stray) Cats. Check out some of their content. We do often!

Community Cat Resources from Best Friends

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