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The goal of Friends of Felines KS is to trap, neuter, and return feral cats to long-term, humanely-managed care situations.  We provide service in a 30-mile radius around the Wichita, Kansas area.  If you are not in our service area, see our Resources page for tips on do-it-yourself TNR.  We do NOT remove or relocate cats.  If feral cats are posing a nuisance to you, see our Resources page for humane deterrents. Requests for removal or relocation will not be acknowledged.  Friends of Felines KS is staffed by volunteers and our overhead expenses are paid for with donations from individuals and businesses, however, the cost of surgery and vaccinations is $70 per cat and expected to be paid by the caregiver at the time of service.  We accept cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards.  We will work with caregivers to arrange a payment plan to fit the situation.  On occasion, Friends of Felines KS has limited funds to use subsidize surgery fees for caregivers who qualify based on income.  When available, these funds are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  To qualify, caregivers will be required to submit proof of income.  The information that you provide is confidential.  Our caregiver support team will review your "Request for Assistance" and someone will contact you by email.  We have a backlog.  Our ability to TNR depends on weather, number of requests, number of volunteers, and money.  We do our best to help you and the cats.  You can help us help feral cats by donating now.  Registering your Dillons card and choosing "Friends of Felines KS" helps.  Thank you for caring about the cats.

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