Friends of Feral Felines KS


Friends of Feral Felines KS is very grateful for the generosity of these charitable foundations, businesses, and individuals without whom we would not have had the resources to achieve this degree of success. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to:

Jessica Braun DVM

Animal Alliance Partners

Jennifer Jull-Sullivan DVM

Blair Doon Veterinary Hospital

Kimberly Sharp

Cindy Kuykendall

Mary Cole

Sisters Veterinary Clinic

Monica Moore DVM

April Horn DVM

Carissa Huebert DVM

Sammie Prester DVM


Alice Virginia White Endowment Fund for Dog & Cat Welfare at The Wichita Community Foundation

Gary Kipp

Dorothy & Maynard Peterson

Linda Rieger

Shelley Wilkinson

Dana Smith

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Be a TNR Hero!

We want to trap as many feral cats as we can.  Sometimes we just do not have enough traps.  Buy us a trap and we will name it after you!  You will be a TNR hero to both FOFFKS and to the feral cats we trap!

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