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The mission of Friends of Felines KS is to improve the lives of community cats in the Wichita, Kansas area by humanely controlling and reducing their overpopulation through education and providing trap-neuter-return (TNR) services. 

The Wichita area has a community wide shortage of veterinarians in addition to overpopulation of unowned and community cats.  This is a crisis situation.  Community cats and the kittens that are born as a result are the ones that will suffer the most.  Please help us help the most cats possible by READING and UNDERSTANDING the following: 


  • Friends of Felines KS does NOT have a veterinarian on site.

  • We can NOT perform spay & neuter surgery on a drop off basis. 

  • Spay & neuter surgery slots are EXTREMELY limited.  You MUST submit a REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE and have a SCHEDULED appointment BEFORE trapping any cats. 

  • The Kansas Humane Society is NOT offering spay & neuter surgeries to the public.  They are understaffed with only one veterinarian.  

  • If you have a scheduled slot for spay or neuter surgery DO NOT WASTE IT.  Wasted surgery slots result in feral-born kittens.

  • Help all homeless animals by donating, volunteering, adopting, fostering, but most importantly, SPAY & NEUTER.


Watch this video by The Kitten Lady, Hannah Shaw, for answers to frequently asked questions about Trap Neuter Return of community cats.

The Wichita area has a community cat overpopulation crisis.  Please donate to assist with spay and neuter.

2024:  107 cats
2004-2023: 12,425 cats
2023: 1,412 cats
2022: 1,228 cats
2021: 1,305 cats
2016-2020: 4,978 cats
2011-2015: 2,268 cats

2004-2010: 1,234 cats

Friends of Felines KS does not have a veterinarian on staff or provide veterinary care beyond facilitating the TNR process.  If your cat has a medical emergency, please contact a qualified veterinarian.

Easy Ways to Help...

You shop, they send money for the cats!
Let the cats shop for themselves!

In addition to medical expense of $70 per cat, overhead adds another $48 to the cost of each and every TNR we facilitate.  All of the funding for FOFKS comes from people like you.  Please help us help cats!  

You shop for the cats!
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We will thank you now since Chewy and Amazon do not tell us the identity of our shopping fairies.  The cats appreciate your generosity!

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