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Friends of Feral Felines KS,

in the interests of feral and stray cats in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding area, we support cat caregivers, we work on gaining recognition of the beneficial role that caregivers perform, and we implement the TNR (trap, neuter and return) method of cat population control.

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Friends of Feral Felines KS does not have a veterinarian on staff or provide veterinary care beyond the TNR process.  If your cat has a medical emergency, please contact a qualified veterinarian.

 The pandemic increased our costs last year and 2021 is on pace to be a record year.  Help us make sure we have the funds to TNR more cats!

2021: 774 cats
2020: 1,078 cats
2019: 1,068 cats
2018: 1,017 cats
2017: 908 cats
2016: 906 cats
2015: 662 cats


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Easy Ways to Help...

In addition to medical expense of $65 per cat, overhead adds another $20 to the cost of each and every TNR we facilitate.  All of the funding for FOFFKS comes from people like you.  Please help us help cats!  

You shop, they send money for the cats!
You shop for the cats!
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Let the cats shop for themselves!


Help Us Win Another Grant!

Use the link and vote for Friends of Felines KS, no donation is necessary on MyGivingCircle, but if you do donate, they will add an additional vote for every $1 you give.  They will even feature Friends of Felines KS to get more votes and supporters.  We won $1000 in October 2020.  Let's do it again!