What we do & don't do:





  • Determine if the cats in question are truly feral or just your neighbor's annoying pet.

  • Decide who will care for (feed) the cats once they are trapped, neutered, and returned to you?

  • Set aside funds so you can pay for the processing (alteration, vaccinations, eartipping)? Even with drastically reduced rates, it's still costly to process. But it becomes even more costly if you do not, and let the cats multiply. It can also cost them their lives.

  • Try to determine if the area you are feeding is safe for the cats.




  • We do NOT take in kittens for adoption.

  • We do NOT have space or resources to relocate cats. If you have a place for relocation, we will be happy to assist you in that venture.

  • We will NOT trap or assist you in trapping cats just because you want them gone.

  • We will NOT trap or assist in the trapping of cats so you can take them to a shelter. Un-socialized cats taken to a shelter are killed.