Our Wish List


With our continual exposure in the Wichita Eagle and KWCH-Channel 12, we have been asked what Friends of Felines needs. Here are some items on our Wish List that would go a long way to helping cats in the community.


Right now we are using approximately 3,500 pounds of food per year. This food supports hundreds of cats we have in managed colonies. We also provide food to individual caretakers with limited finances.

Large bags of dry food go a long way

  • Purina Cat Chow

  • Meow Mix

  • Friskies

  • Taste of the Wild

  • Purina One

  • Iams

  • or anything you can spare


Canned food is always welcome too!

  • Fancy Feast

  • Friskies

  • Meow Mix

  • Cans of tuna packed in water (great for tempting cats for trapping)


Contact us if you have food to donate.


Other Needs

  • Fuel Cards

  • Pre-paid Credit Cards

  • Gift Certificates to Sam's Club, Dillons, Walmart

  • Towels

  • Newspapers (for lining traps)

  • Camper tops to make shelters

  • Styrofoam or large plastic Rubbermaid type bins for making winter shelters

  • Wood shipping crates for making shelters

  • Dog pens kits new or used, preferably 5x10


This is the common denominator. With cash we can pay for spay & neutering, food, medical supplies, traps, and larger items like replacing the trailer we lost in the Greensburg tornado. Please keep in mind we have zero administrative expenses. We have no office expenses, no salaries, and our volunteers all work for FREE and pay their own expenses.


Donate via Paypal.





Or Make checks payable to:

Friends of Felines

8918 W. 21st St. N, Suite 200, #160

Wichita, Kansas 67205-1880


We can also set up recurring donations and... we accept all credit cards.




Without volunteers, our mission would be meaningless. We are looking for additional volunteers. Are you willing to become a caregiver to a colony? help trap? help transport cats to and from neutering? or assist in make fundraising contacts? If you would like to be involved please send us an email at TNR4cats@fofks.org Your commitment may be only one hour or one day per month, but any help would be appreciated.


Locations for Colonies

Finding suitable locations for our cats is becoming more and more of a challenge - particularly with the urgent needs we've come across recently. We know there are suitable places out there for cat colonies, but we need your help in finding individuals that would be willing to provide shelter and food for "barn" cats. Except for the young kittens, it is unlikely these older ferals could ever be fully domesticated. A rural setting would be great - one where the cats would be away from traffic. If you have a suitable spot to get cats out of risk from animal control, please email us at TNR4cats@fofks.org and we can help provide the set up and starter help.