Things to know:



Population Nationwide:
According to the Humane Society of the United States, the population of feral cats is estimated at 60 million, and growing. And the caregivers number 1.7 million, tending to over 35 million cats. Caretakers range in age from nine to 90, and they come from all lifestyles. According to a survey conducted by Tufts University, the median age of a feral cat caretaker is 43.2 years.

Feral cats live in colonies where they congregate around a food source. Colonies typically number 10 to 30 cats. The Feral's Favorite Locations - they live near dumpsters, alleys, in storm drains, vacated buildings, storage facilities, warehouses, and behind restaurants and supermarkets


TNR-the Approved Solution: The humane method of trap, neuter, and return (TNR), is the only successful, proved method of controlling the population growth of feral/stray cats.

Need for an Informed Public:

The Need for an Informed Public: The public and local government presently lacks awareness that a humane solution to feral/stray cat proliferation is available. This lack of information frustrates and affects the work of caretakers, especially when property owners and local government officials make uneducated and inappropriate decisions involving inhumane and short-term solutions.