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So you might ask...What does being a member of our organization mean?


  • Membership dues helps pay half of a neuter. (Our cost is $57 per cat - membership cost $25)

  • Membership puts you on our monthly email newsletter list.

  • Membership in FOFKS engages you - in our local Wichita TNR movement to help feral cats and their caregivers

  • Membership gets you a vote – a say in who helps make FOFKS decisions– the Board of Officers

  • An invitation to quarterly educational gatherings.

  • Membership gets you an invitation to our Caregivers Support Group – many people in our community are in need.

  • Membership numbers help strengthen our stance on TNR as the humane method of caring for ferals.

  • Membership gets you an official membership card.

  • Membership gets you some free logo stuff depending on what we have available!


Friends of Felines Membership Policy:


By submitting your application for membership, we will assume you have agreed to our membership guidelines below.


1. I agree with the Mission Statement of Friends of Felines KS: “Friends of Felines mission, in the interest of free-roaming, community (feral) and stray cats everywhere, is to support caregivers, gain recognition of the beneficial role that caregivers perform, implement the trap, neuter and return (TNR) method of population control, and promote the adoption of long-term, caregiver-based solutions regarding free-roaming community (feral) and stray cats.”.


2. In order to vote for Board Members, I agree to attend at least 50% of the meetings.

3. As a member of Friends of Felines KS, I also agree to pay my membership dues within 30 days of placing my Application as well as yearly in January if I choose to remain a member.


4. I also agree that in order to maintain my membership status, I will be a responsible pet owner and provide adequate food, water and shelter and spay and/or neuter my personal pets and/or any other animals for which I am responsible.


5. I understand that if I do not comply with the above requirements, I am subject to Board review and my membership may be terminated.