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    information you might find useful in dealing with strays and feral cats.

    Membership with Friends of Felines allows you to join a dedicated group of people whose main concern is to support communitay cats (ferals and strays) and their caregivers. We a friendly bunch with a lot in common - so join us! You membership also supports the costs of spaying & neutering. So it's a two-fold benefit!

    First of all - thank you for caring about feral cats. You know that they need you, or you wouldn't be visiting us. Our goal is to trap,neuter and return feral cats to long-term, humanely managed care situations. This Request for Help form will give us an idea of how we can best be of service.

    Friends of Felines

    8918 W. 21st St. N,

    Suite 200, #160

    Wichita, Kansas




    (316) 778-0869

    If your call to Friends of Felines is for information regarding our Trap, Neuter and Return program or Media inquiries by all means, leave a message. Please realize, however, we do not remove, relocate or rehome feral, stray or pet cats and your calls of this nature may not be returned. Thank you for your understanding.

    Helpful tips to build and winterize shelters for the bitter cold months. Also shown....how best to utilize a truck topper for a great, cozy, winter hideaway for your beloved ferals.